I design solutions that work
for you

Born in sunny California in a town that was a small horse community, you could say I was a typical girl who spent most of her time on the back of my Baily, a beatiful brown quater horse who was as gentle as a lamb, ran as fast as a tiger and his loyalty knew no bounds. When riding through the monutains of Murrietta, I often thought of Poems that reflected my mood at the time and when I returned home I would quickly write them down so I wouldn’t forget them. As a young girl, my most creative time was spent when I was alone in my thoughts.

However when I grew up and the time came to focus on a career, I intially was going to persue a phycology degree at California State Polytechnic University. Enrolled for 2 years, I quickly determined it was not a path I was sure about as something was amiss. The passion for it! I believe in hindsight, it has helped me to learn to connect with people and with myself. As a writer of poetry, and the ability to illustrate what I was thinking, well, it led me in a path of Design. As a self taught professional on both platforms (PC and Mac ) I knew right away my search was over as to what was going to be something my heart yearned for.

I’ve been told I’m super passionate about what I do, so in many ways work rarely feels like a typical job. The first 6 years of my new career was spent working in a small design company and that experience was priceless. Things were quickly put on hold as I got Married to a wonderful man, moved to WA and then soon after started a family and we grew to be a party of five 🙂 As the boys grew older I soon realised that home is where the heart is; so I decided to take on the challenge of setting up my own business. I’m happy to say that 15 years on I’m still loving what I do.

Other amazing experiences I’ve enjoyed over the years would include watching my boys grow up to be outstanding men, competing in a few bodybuilding shows and expanding my mind and talents in the design industry. Being artistic at heart I jump at every opportunity to get creative, whether that’s with a camera, brush, pencil or my mouse. When I’m not busy with all of the above I love movie nights, music, camping and spending time with my family.